The sea was covered with dust...

Welcome aboard Sheepy Ship,
the shapeshifting vessel,
where dreams are real and reality isn’t.
We’re heading to Nowhere.
What’s inside our cargo hold?
Expect the unexpected,
just a little bit sheepier!

We are a barrio of playful mischiefs and delightful chaos.

Our Sailing Ship brings barrels of legendary homebrewed Blue Lotus Kombucha, and other treats for all sorts of tastes.What will it be this year?Well, the crew decides. Whatever is your dream for Nowhere, this is the space to make it happen.We are recruiting now.

What is Nowhere, and where is it exactly?

Nowhere is a radical learning experiment in three acts, based in the desert of Spain.

1. Build

We build a city in a desert.

We need to bring everything we need and build everything ourselves. In crazy summer heat. In three days.

2. Burn

We cocreate a context where every single person feels safe, included, and encouraged to express themselves fully. Come as you are.

3. Strike

We take it all down and leave without a trace.

Minimum Viable Info

Don’t panic. Have fun.

This is a survival game.

We are coming to a desert, and yes, you can die. Read the Survival Guide and be prepared. We are all in this together.

Everyone has a role on the ship.

There are no passengers, only crew. We practice Pirate Organising - decentralising power, taking responsibility, and having a blast.

Embody the Core Principles.

Nowhere is what we make it. This is how we do it.

Camp size: ~35 people
Camp fee: €300
(covers food, water, shade, power, shower, camp infrastructure and all sort of funkiness we will build in our desert home. And ofc our homebrewed Blue Lotus Kombucha on tap!)


Sheepy Ship Development

Our long term vision is to build a crew of burner sailors. First sailing burn in 2025 ⛵️

  • 2022: our first Nowhere - the ship, kombucha bar, basic camp infrastructure + Gathering of the Tribes 🔥

  • 2023: ship improved rigging, Blue Lotus Kombucha, Lotus tent, scaffolding + Somewhere, Flamingallo 🔥

  • 2024: Ship v2, Container, ... (add your dream!)

Ready to Crew?

Drop into our telegram group, introduce yourself and tell us how would you like to contribute to the ship. See you on the Playa.

May the Glowing Sheep guide you Home.